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Creating and Hosting Your Videos

Screencasting is the new word you learn today.  What is it you ask? “A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration.”  That there definition is from Google.  So basically it’s like Merriam Webster backed by the gold standard (before Teddy Roosevelt…let’s get […]

How to use Twitter in a Flipped Classroom

Twitter is one of those things where you don’t really appreciate what it does until you try it and get past the stigma it carries.  No, it’s not just another useless social media site.  But, yes.  There are hoards of people using it as just another useless social media site. Not being much of a […]

Video “How To Flip Your Classroom”

Flipping the classroom sounds easy enough…but there are a few headaches I want to save you from along the way.  Check out the video I made to explain the basics of how to get started.   It’s concise,  it’s informative, and dare I say, awesome.  BUT, most importantly, it’ll save you from navigating your way through endless […]

What if my students can’t access the internet to watch the videos?

I get a lot of questions about flipping the classroom but the one I get more than any other is” How do the kids without technology access the videos?” In short, and pragmatically speaking, you do whatever you need to do. * * * * * I first learned about ‘Flipping the Classroom’ at a […]